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Rabu, 11 Juli 2012


A smile is one of the acts that can be rewarding and include charity. The Prophet said "smile to your brother is charity .." .. In addition to rewarding. a smile can also provide some manfa'af the perpetrators, among them :
1.       smile can eliminate setress ....
2.        A smile makes people more confident ..
3.        A smile can make positive thinking slalu culprit.
4.       A smile can eliminate emotion ........
5.        A smile can change your mood.
6.       With a smile, a person familiar with cepet others ......
7.       And you know masich many other benefits that smile. Find sendidri donk.!
And finally, the smile can resist a disaster .... why ...? because of the smile charity. Word of the prophet "charity 70 doors that can resist the disaster" ..
Subhaanallah, how perfect Islam. Smile just wrote a law, be rewarded again. Moreover, greater than that ..?
          But remember, you know .. niattttt no mistake.......! !!!!! ......

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